The Bundesliga is one of the top five leagues in Europe. It is considered in the top three of most competitive leagues of the region, below Italian and French football and at the Premier League and LaLiga.

Bundesliga has a long history. Football arrived in Germany at the beginning of the XX century, but Bundesliga, as we know it today, started officially in 1963. Since then, german football has become bigger and bigger reaching a world-class level and becoming one of the most considered football competitions around the globe. A very competitive league that attracts some of the best players in the world every year.

Betting Bonuses for Bundesliga prediction:

Bundesliga has had through its history more than 12 different champions. The German championship doesn’t have a derby or a match that faces up two teams with a tough rivarly as other European competitions do, but some of the games have become world-famous for the football show they bring into the pitch.

Teams such as Bayern de Munich, Borussia Dortmund, or Bayer Leverkusen are the most attractive teams for fans and bookmakers. But the good thing about german football is its similarity to Premier League. All teams play under high intense standards, offensive football, performing with physicallity and making every matchday a chance to improve. The underdogs might take a win home against the league leaders and each season different teams classify for European spots. Something that makes the championship very entertained.

Bundesliga prediction Outright Betting: the favourites

In such a competitive championship is not easy to choose a team to be your bet to win the Bundesliga. No one can argue that the reigning champion, Bayern de Munich, stands every season as the favorite, but their hegemony has been broken several times.

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Bayern de Munich have won Bundesliga in the last eight seasons in a row, but not all of them easily. Another clear candidate is Borussia Dortmund who have a huge rivalry with Bayern de Munich, in what is the closest game to a derby even it is not. Wolfsburg, Borussia Mönchengladbach or Werder Bremen are also important clubs for the league who have become champions on several occasions since Bundesliga started 58 seasons ago.

They all have really interesting odds at the beginning of the season that you can find in different bookmakers.

Bayer Munich:

The German giant is the reigning champion and, as mentioned before, have won it in the last eight seasons. In total, they have been champions 31 times and due to its squad every season, is the favourite candidate to win the league.

Borussia Dortmund:

Founded in 1909, the second biggest club in Germany. They have 8 Bundesliga titles and a Champions League. A key factor to look into this team is the number of stars they bring into the topflight every season. Always a feared team to face no matter the competition.

RB Leipzig :

its history is short. Founded in 2009 after Red Bull bought the club, they started in four categories lower than Bundesliga until reaching the topflight in 2014. Now, Leipzig is a well-recognized club in Germany and even doesn’t have any Bundesliga they ended second in 2016/17 and 2020/21.

Betting on Bundesliga prediction relegation

Thinking about which team would claim the Bundesliga title is not easy, but thinking about relegation is even more difficult. As every season, clubs improve their squads. Those who were close to relegate want to avoid that situation again and those who achieve the topflight want to keep their new spot.

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Once the season starts, and around matchday, 10 teams that will spend all season in dangerous positions are clear. Sometimes comebacks happen, but usually five to six teams will fight until the very end for safety.

A situation that gives interestings predictions when it comes to betting. After the winter break some teams can improve their situation with the new signings, but by February the table shows clearly which teams will be involved in that difficult fight until the season ends.

For betting tips, it is important to look at each team’s good and bad runs so it’s easier to predict their next results. Around January and February, some bookmakers offer really good odds for users who want to take the chance and bet on those teams that think are going to relegate.

To bet into that market, our football experts write 24 hours before each game the best predictions of each clash to help you choose.

Betting on the Top Scorer of the Bundesliga

The Bundesliga is dominated by one club, Bayern Munich. And so, the most lethal striker in the league is most likely none other Robert Lewandowski. He’s scored over 30 goals a season in all competitions for the last 4 years and is on course to take the top scorer award at 1.08 at Bet365.

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