When you place your first sports bet, it’s likely that you’ll wager the moneyline – gambling on a fighter to win, lose or draw. In this article, we’ll explain more about the money line and how it works.

To place a Moneyline wager, you must select either winner A or winner B, or choose the draw. The Moneyline is one of the most popular types of bets because it lets you bet on a team or fighter to win. Not only is it easy to understand, but it’s also available at nearly every online sportsbook.

How can i find the moneyline?

The values listed next to each team on the money line are American odds, which give the implied odds for each team.

indicate the implied odds for each team.
determine the amount of money you would win depending on your bet.
The team with a “+” sign next to their odds is the underdog, while the team with a “-” next to their odds number is considered the favourite by your sportsbook.

In some cases, both teams are marked with “-” signs. The team with the number furthest from zero is considered the favourite (e.g. -150 would be the favourite over -110).

Since the bet is harder to win, you will always get a higher payout if you bet on the underdog on the money line. Of course, losing such a bet is also much higher.

How to win Moneyline bets?

Wagering on the moneyline can be tricky, despite favorite teams being at an advantage in sports betting odds. Over time, sportsbooks will generally make enough wins to cover losses, so players need a lot of experience and knowledge about the bets they are placing. The term “moneyline” means that you are betting whether one side or the other will win, with the payout based on whether a team wins or loses the game outright. This is different from a point spread, which is betting that a team will win by more than a certain number of points; there is no set amount that must be won or lost in a moneyline bet. As such, it’s better for bettors to not get discouraged when placing moneyline bets because the odds are different in each marketplace.

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The Best Sports to Bet on Moneyline

You can find moneyline odds for most sports, including:

·      NBA

·      NFL

·      MLS

·      EPL

·      MLB

·      UFC

·      NHL

Trends and changes in lines in Sports Betting

If the underdog is taking a lot of bets compared to how much the favorite is being wagered on, the sportsbook might move the odds to create more value. Since people are not able to directly bet against the sportsbook, they can move lines as they please while also keeping their own money safe should they set the line too high.

Why can’t I find my moneylines?

Sometimes, sportsbooks will not offer a moneyline for an event. This can happen if the odds for one team are so good that a moneyline does not make sense—you will usually see this in soccer, when big favorites like Argentina or Brazil are playing. If you have a proposition wager, you can always contact your sportsbook to open a line for you.

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