Alberta has yet to enact its own legislation on sports betting, although there is speculation that the province could be next after Ontario. Economic drivers such as Calgary and Edmonton might benefit from creating “Alberta-only” legislation in sports betting. As it stands, however, Alberta remains unchanged on the issue, and we will talk you through what that means at this point.

Is Sports Betting definitely Legal in Alberta?

It’s true! Alberta may not have an NBA or MLB franchise, but it does have two NHL teams—the Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames. If you’re an Albertan who loves hockey, you can’t miss rooting for these two teams. Although there aren’t any bricks and mortar sportsbooks in the province, there are plenty of online options that are open for business—and they take bets on just about anything.

What are the Options for Alberta to Bet Online?

Alberta allows its residents to play sports betting at the age of 18, one of the youngest minimum ages for sports betting in Canada. Players can also place wagers through WCLC, Western Canada Lottery Corporation, or they can use an online sportsbook. Searching for a sportsbook can be a complicated process as a search online should result in many sportsbooks to choose from. Canadians can legally wager with offshore sportsbooks, it can be hard to police as they are legal but not protected by the government. Just make sure the sportsbook you choose is licensed to operate in Canada, like Sports Interaction. We have a whole section on legal sportsbooks for Alberta; you should check it out!

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Is it OK and Legal in Alberta to Bet on Apps?

Yes, they are. I stopped memorizing recipes years ago, thanks to apps on my phone. Sports betting apps vary in quality, but many have brilliant interfaces that make using them a breeze.

Are Sports Bets Taxed in Alberta?

You’re in good shape. Your winnings are safe from taxes. The only time you’ll be taxed on sports betting is if you reach the standard for being a “professional gambler” – that means gambling is your primary source of income and living, which is essentially a job. For most normal players, you’re considered a “recreational gambler” and so fully tax-exempt.

Is it OK and Legal to Wager on Single Games in Alberta?

Single-game betting was introduced in Alberta in August 2021. Before that, Albertans would have to wager in a multi-game format in order to place sports bets. However, things have changed; now, you can bet on single games and take advantage of a much larger array of betting markets. This means you can bet on more exotic forms of gambling than ever before!

Can I Bet with Bitcoin in Alberta?

Yes, bitcoin is growing in popularity as a method of payment for Canadian sports bettors. Though the currency remains relatively new to the mainstream, it is gaining steam, and some sportsbooks are better prepared for bitcoin transactions than others. It’s important to consider each site’s reputation and licensing credentials before depositing funds. We have a host of reviews and a betting guide you can visit if you would like to make sure before choosing a sportsbook.

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