Sports betting has changed in Canada, and the last 12 months or so has seen new legislation in Ontario. As it stands, some provinces remain unchanged despite campaigns and speculation that things are due a revamp. This article will take you around some of the most common questions asked by players in Nova Scotia.

Is it Legal to Gamble in Nova Scotia?

Sports betting is legal in Nova Scotia! The Atlantic Lottery Corporation provides this service through ProLine. Still, the sportsbooks’ competitiveness makes ProLine less desirable as they compete with various offers for Canadian bettors and, for the most part, better odds.

Legally Betting Online within Nova Scotia.

You can find some of the best sportsbooks in Nova Scotia, where players who bet on pre-match wagers will discover some of the best odds at Sports Interaction or Betway. Live or in-play players may opt for a speedy and intuitive app like 888Sport. At the end of it, it’s a matter of personal preference, and all of the sportsbooks we advertise on our site are licensed to serve Nova Scotian customers.

Can You Bet Legally on an App in Nova Scotia?

You can download an app for one of the licensed sportsbooks in Nova Scotia. Many sportsbooks have very good mobile responsive sites, but sometimes on the apps, you will have a cleaner experience without having to log in every time. In the times of facial recognition and biometric scanners, apps are the future; just purely from a player’s perspective and being able to access bets quickly.

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Are you Taxed on Betting in Nova Scotia?

No. If you are an occasional gambler, then you will never be taxed on your winnings in Nova Scotia. There is a stipulation that active players should be 19 years or older to bet on sportsbooks, and although you will be required to give personal information upon signing up, you will not be taxed. If you become exceptionally good at betting on sports and gamble for a living, Canada does reserve the right to tax your winnings. The loophole that allows taxes on sports betting is that you are a ‘professional gambler’ who gambles for a living, by which point Canada will tax you on your winnings.

Is it Legal to Bet on Single Games in Nova Scotia?

One of the biggest surprises in Nova Scotia is the decision not to allow single-game betting, which is permitted in Canada starting next month. Unlike the rest of Canada, single-game betting isn’t legal in Nova Scotia yet, which has sparked campaigns to make it available sooner rather than later. It’s likely that single-game betting will be available in Nova Scotia at some point, but the delay could indicate that the province plans to create a separate legislation system like Ontario’s.

Betting Online with Bitcoin in Nova Scotia.

Yes! More and more online sportsbooks accept Bitcoin as a deposit/withdrawal option. We have reviewed a number of sportsbooks that allow Bitcoin, but it’s not a sure thing that all sportsbooks offer this functionality. If you’d like to learn more about depositing and funding options, check out our Sportsbook Review section or Sports Betting Guide.

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