The MLS has become a globally attractive soccer league – it has become one of the most entertaining soccer leagues in the world. Compared to some few years back, the MLS didn’t have as much attention as today, but with its continuous quality investments, it has reached a stage where it could be referred to as a ‘top-level league’. Minnesota United is one of the fans’ favorite teams in the MLS. They have, over the years, provided the league and their passionate fanbase with great soccer experiences. 

Minnesota United: Major League Soccer, Style of Play

Minnesota United has stuck with the 4-5-1 formation in most of their seasons in the MLS. Tactically they play with a solid back four in defense with two holding midfielders. In front of the two midfielders, they line up three attacking midfielders who combine pace, high dribbling skills, playmaking in quality, and finally with a one-top striker. They put a lot of tactical responsibilities to their creative midfielders, who hold on to the ball to drive the opposing defenders close to them and then split them with a third-line pass to create goal-scoring opportunities.

Minnesota United betting lines in canada

Minnesota United: Stats to Use for Canadian Sports Betting

With an average goal-scoring ratio of only 1.23 per match last season for Minnesota United, it qualified them as a perfect candidate for the Minnesota United Under 1.5 betting market. Betting on the spread was a great market for Minnesota United since they conceded an average of 1.34 per match in the MLS last season. Moneyline betting was also a considerate market since Minnesota United won (13) matches more than they lost (12). Fast forward into this season, Minnesota United is following similar performances, and is a favorite in a bet on the spread or totals.

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Minnesota United: MLS Standings & MLS Predictions this Season

Minnesota United had a good overall 2021 season, yet, there was still more room for improvement; if they are to learn and build on their previous experiences, we will see an even more powerful side of them in the MLS Eastern Conference this season. They won 37% of their matches last season, and while their confidence continues to grow, we are likely to see them increase their match winnings rate and make the playoffs this season in the MLS. You can check out Betway’s latest MLS odds.

Minnesota United: Betting Picks, Moneyline & Parlays

Players who waged on Moneyline betting on Minnesota United last season had some good happy days. The key idea you need is to know when to back Minnesota United; knowing their strength against certain teams will even increase your winning chances. We will include Minnesota United in our Parlays especially in spread Parlays. With striker Luis Antonio starting the season so well with much confidence, we are going to see him scoring about 20 goals or more this season. We like to use Minnesota United in the totals market sometimes for our parlays. Check out the latest Totals picks here

Bet365 Canada currently has Minnesota United at 23.00 to win the MLS but you will find these lines moving with the MLS Standings week to week.

Sports Betting Canada MLS: Best Bookmakers


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