These are two of the biggest clubs in the Premier League. Manchester United and Tottenham. Historically, the red devils are the biggest team in the English competition and the English club with more trophies that has built an empire around the world due to its sports achievements and its relationship with the fans. One of the three clubs most known around the world that now faces an opponent which in the last ten years has made his own spot in the top 5 teams of the Premier League, Tottenham.

Spurs have made their own way to the English top-flight and now are a team to follow and another alternative for London fans.

It is a club that has been historic of English soccer but started its journey through Europe at the beginning of the XXI century when Joe Lewis bought the club. The soccer team has increased its consideration in the Premier League, and after years of transition and investment, can say they are a world-class club with high standards.

Man United vs Tottenham: BETTING TIPS

The twenty times winner of the Premier League, Manchester United, could sneer at Tottenham who has only won it twice, but nowadays things are equal as ever. The game between these two sides is not a derby or a historical game for English football fans. Still, it brings some of the best national championship players into the pitch with one duty: red devils want to maintain their hegemony and pride, and the Spurs want to discuss that superiority with wins in modern football.

General statistics can make people think that Manchester United has always easily won the Spurs, but stats prove that their games have been very tight, especially in the last seasons when wins and defeats have gone both ways.

Man United vs Tottenham: Odds

Odds and bets change daily depending on the websites you visit, but it’s essential to look at each side’s run to make a good call on a bet. Important factors that need to be looked at before selecting a website and a betting tip. To know the best odds, check out Sports Interactions markets.

Man United vs Tottenham: MATCH STATS

The magic of soccer is how things can change quickly. A team can end or start the season well and suddenly drop in their performances. So, even though there’s always a favourite, it’s important to look at the big picture, paying attention to the latest performances and how each team goes as the season passes.

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It’s something to consider when it comes to betting, and it is crucial information that can help you predict how the game is going to run.

Manchester United and Totteham have faced each other since 1909, a total of 197 games. Of all those 161 were for the Premier League championship, but for our current odds is important to look at their last performances and their current squads.

In the last 10 games played the results were:

  • – matches won by Man United – 4
  • – matches drawn – 1
  • – matches won by Tottenham – 5

Man United vs Tottenham: BTTS

Ten last games that give a little taste about what we can expect about the upcoming game for several reasons. Both sides maintain the core of the squad, have been in high up positions in the table, and the results have gone through both ways. 

  • In the last ten games both teams played against each other there have been a total of 26 goals.
  • In none of the last ten games between Manchester United and Tottenham ended with no goals.
  • Man. United’s best result was 5-2 in the season 2008/2009 at Old Trafford during a Premier League game.
  • The best Tottenham result was not a long time ago. The Spurs managed to beat Manchester United at Old Trafford 1-6 in matchday 4 of the 2020/2021 season.

Man United vs Tottenham: Over/Under Goals 2.5

Looking at the stats and the results between these two teams the call might be easy to make. Over 2.5 goals per game. Historically it is almost safe to say that it is a game with more than 2.5 goals looking at their results.

An idea that increases if we look at their latest results and also their weaknesses in defense. Both teams have conceded more than 30 goals this season. But if we have to make a call based on stats, in the last ten games there wasn’t a game where the final score was 0-0, and only on three occasions, the final result was under 2.5 goals.

Man United vs Tottenham: Double Chance

Double Chance is another factor to look at regarding the odds. It is the easiest way not to be wrong and increases the % of getting a betting call right. Said that there are other stats that we need to look at to increase our hit percentages.

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There are two options out of three possibilities, and it is clearly a type of betting preferred by users. It is important to look at each side’s win and lost games and their runs before the game.

In this case, Manchester United have only lost six games so far this season while Tottenham have dropped the three points on nine occasions. Spurs have won two of their last five games and lost three while Manchester United are in better form with two wins and three draws in their last five games.

So that would give us a 100% double Chance for Manchester United and only a 40% for Tottenham.

Man United vs Tottenham: HEAD TO HEAD

Looking at the last results between both sides of the last five games, the results anticipate a thrilling game with lots of goals.

  • Tottenham 0 – Manchester United 3
  • Tottenham 1 – Manchester United 3
  • Manchester United 1 – Tottenham 6
  • Tottenham 1 – Manchester United 1
  • Manchester United 2 – Tottenham 1

Man United vs Tottenham: Match Preview

Stunning results have surprised everyone, but lately, it has been a crucial game for the red devils to recover the pride they lost in the 2020/2021 season. Since then, they haven’t lost against Tottenham, and their performance was astonishing last time out. With Cristiano Ronaldo as the big signing of the summer transfer market, the Portuguese superstar led his team to victory at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. An unquestioned win that gave no chance to the Londoners who were surpassed in all the game situations.

The game ended 0-3 for the visitors but could have been worst for the host. Bruno, Cavani, and Cristiano entered the game hungry for victory. Tottenham were cornered in their own half of the field, and even they found the back of the net at minute 26 –that was disallowed for offside– that one was the only clear chance of the host during the first half. Manchester United kept following their game plan, and in minute 26 Cristiano Ronaldo open the scoresheet with an incredible finish.

A goal that Tottenham tried to even but couldn’t. After halftime, Cavani put the 2-0 after an amazing assist from Cristiano. A goal that meant too much for the Spurs. Tottenham just tried to protect their own goal while Manchester United showed that wanted more. 15 minutes later, Rashford joined the goal party to kill the game after an amazing team play.

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It was a hard defeat for Tottenham for several reasons. They dropped eighth in the table and didn’t show their best at home against a team that absolutely cancel all their ideas.

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