In August 2021, Canadians were opened up to a whole new world of betting opportunities when the country passed a law that single-game betting was allowed. For years, the parlay structure meant that players were risking chance on multiple lines to capitalize on sports betting in Canada. For years, Canadians were forced to play with offshore bookmakers and risked their betting investment with un-regulated bookies. Times have changed, and now, Canadians can legally place single-line bets, bringing the spice back to Canadian gambling.

Why should I place a Single Bet?

Single-game betting is betting on a single line in any given sport. With diverse markets available at most operators and in most sports, betting on a single game is taking one of the market lines and wagering against it.

What Single Betting means for Canadian Players

The US runs a successful sports gambling model where States legislate and pull tax revenues from bookmakers. Canada moved for the same implementation in 2021, with Ontario being the first to legislate, due for roll-out in early 2022. Without taxing the citizens, provinces and territories can now tax the bookmakers that operate in their jurisdiction. The move won’t only help the various provinces and territories financially, as it does in the US. Still, it will help the citizens as more money becomes available for community reinvestment. The roll-out will be periodic; we expect many to watch the developments in Ontario as a blueprint for successful implementation.

Why should I make Single Line Bets

Any player that is worth their salt knows that gambling with multiple lines decreases your chances of landing a successful bet. Single bets offer more chance of a successful stake. With so many lines available to choose from within a ton of markets, choosing the right line can be lucrative to the player. A well-researched single line bet stands 100% more chance of winning than a double, or a parlay bet due to the additional lines added. Although there are obvious positives to making single-line bets, there can also be some negatives. Personally, one of my reservations about single-line betting is the ability to hook a player from recreational gambling to a perceived addict. The stakes on single-game betting are usually higher, which means people can sometimes double or triple their money. A few wins on the bounce and the confidence in your ability to win bets can soar, which, consequently, make players chase their losses on games not so well researched. I would consider parlays to be fun; you risk chance while knowing it is unlikely you will win regularly. Single-game betting can be a little more painstaking, and the line can be crossed from recreational to addiction quickly.

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Legal Betting Sites for Single Line Bets


Reputation is as important in bookmaker trust, and Betway has been around a long time. They go through a good KYC (Know Your Customer) process, which ensures players are both legal and able to play. Betway offers good odds in most sports, and you will find the single-lines worthy enough to invest in a single line in even some of the most obvious of games. Click here to sign up on Betway.

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction is one of the biggest names in sports betting Canada. The protection of Canadian players is important to them, and they will kick a player if they see them as a ‘problem gambler’ very quickly. Their odds are good, and their understanding of the Canadian market is demonstrated in the multiple market lines in Canada’s favorite sports. Click here to sign up on Sports Interaction.


888Sport is growing in popularity in Canada. The website is smooth, and both new and existing players offer bonuses. 888Sport is taking market share away from some of the long-standing Canadian bookmakers; such is their proposition. Click here to sign up on 888sport

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