If you’re a bettor, you may not know that different jurisdictions have different rules and regulations concerning gambling, whether through casinos or sportsbooks. In Canada, the provincial area of British Columbia has some specific rules regarding betting.

British Columbia, Legally Wagering on Sports.

It’s now legal to bet on sports through British Columbia sportsbooks, which became possible following the passage of a law in 2021. However, you have to be 19 years old to do so.

Can I legally Bet Online in British Columbia?

B.C. bettors have limited options for online sportsbooks, but Play now is the only Canadian-licensed site available to them at the moment. In 2022, more licensed sportsbooks are expected to join Play now. For the time being, bettors will have to use internationally known sportsbooks to place bets on leagues that aren’t on offer on Play Now (888Sport, William Hill and Sports Interaction, etc.)

Legally App Betting in British Columbia.

It is not actually illegal to gamble on sports with apps, so long as the sportsbooks providing such services are licensed by a provisional government or owned by them.

Sports Betting Taxes in British Columbia

British Columbia residents are eligible for a 100% profit share from participating in sports betting. This is because the government classifies this activity as gambling and not a business. All profits made by British Columbians from sports betting activities are therefore tax-exempt.

Betting on Singles in British Columbia – is it Legal?

With a new law passed, British Columbia now allows single-game betting. This gives bettors more options, such as parlays or multiple game outcomes. British Columbia is known for not being so stringent with its laws on gambling, and it’s moving towards a more inclusive system for bettors and sportsbooks alike.

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Wagers with Bitcoin in British Columbia.

When betting with Bitcoin, a bettor must have an e-wallet and can only withdraw their winnings into that e-wallet. Once all the requirements are fulfilled, the next step is to pick an online sportsbook. There are more than a few online sportsbooks that offer betting services to people in British Columbia.