Nunavut is a huge territory; in fact, you could fit Nunavut into the size of the rest of Canada! Size aside, it is the least populated, with no professional sports franchises or collegiate sports for wagering bets. The lack of sports options is likely to be down to the harsh weather, terrain and the proximity to the Artic Circle. Despite the lack of sporting options, you are still able to wager sports bets online; providing you can find internet service! We will talk through some of the best options available for Nunavut online sports betting

Is Sports Betting Legal in Nunavut?

Sports betting is most certainly legal in Nunavut. For those battling the snow for much of the year, betting online could well be one of the most efficient ways of wagering bets.

Legal Betting Online Options in Nunavut

Living in Nunavut, you would be familiar with the option of betting with Sports Select, a service offered by the WCLC (Western Canada Lottery Corporation). Sports Select is available at most convenience stores and is pretty cheap, considering that you can wager a bet at $2 from a cashier. Whilst the option has been around a little while, there is a limited number of games and sports for Nunavut. We have also found the odds vary considerably in comparison with online sportsbooks and you can find yourself almost a point difference in some cases.

Sports betting online is legal in Nunavut and finding a sportsbook is not hard as all of the current sportsbooks legal in Canada can service Nunavut. Enjoying the benefits of better odds, variety of sports and markets makes for a more complete betting experience.

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Are Sports Betting Apps Legal in Nunavut?

Totally legal to use Apps on Android and iOS in Nunavut. Depending on where you are in Nunavut, apps could be the best way to wager sports bets. Most sportsbooks will have versions of their sites in an app and usually have additional features like streaming the games.

Does Nunavut Tax Sports Betting?

No. Across all of Canada you can enjoy your winnings without being taxed on money you deposit or withdraw from a sportsbook. There is a slight tipping point in Canadian law that states should gambling become your primary source of income, you could be taxed. The tax man would, therefore, see you as a professional gambler with betting becoming your job, essentially. For the rest, however, you can enjoy wagering on your favorite sports without the worry of taxes being taken.

Is Single Game Betting Available in Nunavut?

Single game betting is yet to be legalized in Nunavut unfortunately, despite Canada passing the bill c-218. However, things are expected to change and Nunavut are due to allow single game sports betting in the latter stages of 2022.

Can I bet with Bitcoin in Nunavut?

Yes. Some sportsbooks do allow transactions with Bitcoin, but not all. Although Bitcoin is an acceptable currency at sportsbooks, some are yet to establish the functionality at their sites. We expect that, in coming years, most will have functionality for the online currency but, for now at least, there are only a handful. You should check out our betting guide for more articles on Bitcoin, depositing and withdrawing from sportsbooks.

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