Two of the major betting companies are Betway and 22bet. Betway has a greater audience. Thus it might be said that it is a larger sportsbook. Nevertheless, 22bet is a sportsbook worth taking into account. This comparison is fascinating because of it. We’ll examine each of the crucial facets of both sportsbooks in this post and compare them to one another.

Betway vs. 22bet: Signing Up

You must register with any sportsbook before you can place bets there. Although the industry-wide procedures are very standardized, you’ll find that both follow this pattern.

Signing Up with Betway

It’s straightforward and easy to sign up with Betway. Finding the “Register” button on their webpage is as simple as navigating. When you click it, you’ll be sent to another page where you may enter your chosen email address and password, first and last names, preferred payment method, and account verification information. You can do this via phone or email. You will be prepared to wager once you have completed that, which should only take a few minutes.

The process of joining any sportsbook is the same throughout the industry, as we have explained. Join

Rating: 4/5

Signing Up with 22bet

The procedure for signing up with 22bet is the same as that of Betway. On their main page, select Register, enter your details and confirm your account. It would take just a few minutes to finish the procedure, similar to Betway’s.

As a result, our rating is comparable to Betway’s.

Rating: 4/5

Betway vs. 22bet: Welcome Bonuses

Any sportsbook where you sign up will probably give you a welcome bonus. Make sure to select an appropriate sportsbook since we would be surprised if you didn’t. You’ll get a welcome bonus from Betway and 22bet to get you started. Let’s contrast the two.

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Welcome Bonuses at Betway

Betway comparison

Betway comparison

With Betway’s excellent welcome offer, you can double your initial deposit up to $500 and receive a 100% bonus. Check out their weekly bonuses as well; you may subscribe to them and use them to win. Get bonus

Rating: 5/5

Welcome Bonuses at 22bet

Great deals are available everywhere at 22bet as well. Their welcome bonus is comparable to Betway’s, with the exception that their cap is $122. As a result, we award it a lowered rating of 4 stars.

Rating: 4/5

Betway vs. 22bet: Sports Coverage

The sports coverage offered by the sportsbook you’re contemplating joining is something you should take into account. You must confirm that they offer the sports you want to wager on and hope that they have an ample selection.

Sports Coverage at Betway

The sports coverage at Betway is top-notch. It covers all significant and smaller sporting events. Any sport you can imagine is covered, and they offer in-depth statistics, insights, and fantastic odds to go along with it.

Betway Coverage Rating: 4/5

Sports Coverage at 22bet

Even though 22bet is a newer sportsbook than Betway, they have made sure to provide a large variety of sports. You will probably discover odds for the sports you enjoy at 22bet. If you’re interested, they also cover eSports, similar to Betway.

Rating: 4/5

Betway vs. 22bet: Live Betting

When registering with a sportsbook, you must consider their live betting option. Players can place bets during live sporting events by engaging in live betting. A sizable section of the client base is drawn to it.

Live Betting with Betway

Over 30 different sports and more than 500 different athletic events are covered by Betway’s live betting function. It also includes a seamless platform, real-time statistics, and analysis. Because of this, Betway’s live betting experience is significantly easier to use than it is at most other sportsbooks. Ready to bet?

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Rating: 5/5

Live to bet with 22bet.

The design of the 22bet betting platform makes it easy to use. Additionally, it offers fantastic odds for live betting. However, if suspended markets don’t reopen quickly after they close, you can become irritated with the website’s technical difficulties.

Rating: 3/5

Betway vs. 22bet: Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

You should check to see if the sportsbook you select has a wide range of payment methods. Let’s see what it would be like to deposit and withdraw using both.

Depositing and withdrawing with Betway

As a well-known sportsbook, Betway boasts a vast global customer base. As a result, various geographical areas have different payment alternatives. With a variety of practical solutions, they serve all geographical areas. However, regardless of where you are, deposits still take a few minutes to process, while withdrawals might take up to 24 hours to appear.

Betway rating: 4/5

Depositing and withdrawing with 22bet

Similar to Betway, 22bet serves a large number of geographic areas. Given that there isn’t much of a difference between the two, we give 22bet a rating of 4 stars.

Rating: 4/5

Betway vs. 22bet: Customer Support

Since problems might arise periodically, customer care is a crucial component of your betting experience. See how they contrast.

Customer Service at Betway

There are several methods to get in touch with Betway, including phone numbers and a responsive, always-on live chat feature. To find out more about common issues that both you and other customers might have encountered, you can visit their updated FAQ page.

Rating: 4/5

Customer Service at 22bet

Our findings indicate that 22bet’s customer service is comparable to Betway’s. It offered the same contact points and was effective.

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Rating: 4/5

Top Bookmaker: Betway vs. 22bet

We would choose Betway out of the two; Betway

While 22bet is still a great alternative, Betway has established its expertise and stands out for its live betting feature and sports coverage.

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