Once you’ve shaken off the beginner feels for betting, you will come to the conclusion that not all Sportsbooks offer the same value, with some being the best and others doing the bare minimum. 888sport and Bet365 are arguably some of the biggest brands in the betting industry and in the article below we shall be comparing the two and dissecting their pros and cons.

Sign Up Process comparison between 888Sport vs Bet365

Before you can get started at any sportsbooks, you will be required to sign in, the steps below will guide you on how to do so:

Sign-Up on 888Sport Canada

With 888Sport the sign-up process is a simple breeze and it doesn’t take too much of your time;
• The first thing is to visit the site and click on ‘join now’
• You will then be required to fill in your personal details
• Once you’ve done so and selected your preferred currency, accept the terms and conditions
• All your left to do is deposit some money and you’re ready to bet


Sign-Up on Bet365 Canada

Bet365 being the giant it is in the betting industry; they streamlined the process of signing up to remove any inconveniences:
• Visit Bet365 and click on sign up
• The form will appear, you will then put in the required details (personal information)
• Read and accept terms of conditions
• Deposit a sum and get ready to play



Who has the highest odds coverage between 888Sport and Bet365?

For a sportsbook one of the main factors is the sports that are covered for users to bet on, this is essential due to being able attract bettors with different types of interest.

888Sport odds & Coverage

888Sport are definitely in the category of sportsbooks with a variety of sports as options to bet on, they cover all major leagues and even smaller leagues in various countries, keeping you up to date.

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Score: 4/5

Bet365 odds & Coverage

Bet365 is largely known all over the world and the depth they have in sports is huge, they cover all manner of sports and all categories of it as well. Ensuring their players don’t miss out on any potential money-making markets.

Score: 5/5

888Sport vs Bet365: Live Betting

Live betting has become instrumental to players placing wagers, it gives them the chance to be analytical in their observations and adds a more in-depth look at betting as you are digesting information in real-time.

888Sport Live Betting

888sport is one of the best bookmakers for In-Play betting. It is my favorite feature because it allows you to make your bets at any given time during a match, and the bookmaker’s odds are very competitive. The only issue with 888sport In-Play betting is how long it takes for markets to reopen after they are suspended.
Score: 4/5

Bet365 Live Betting

I believe that Bet365 has one of the best live betting offerings in the industry. Its user experience through its app is one of the best I have used, and it provides a balanced range of markets with a strong focus on Asian sports. The only thing that could be improved is its suspension of markets when users are considering wagers. There are many times when there are line changes in an attempt to beat the bookie, which happens frequently on Bet365.

888sports vs Bet365 2

888Sport vs Bet365: Deposit Methods and Withdrawals

Depositing and withdrawing can either attract more users or essentially chase them away, this is crucial in sports betting business, as it is directly correlated with money and money that belongs to players.

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888Sport Deposit Methods and Withdrawals

It couldn’t be any simpler to deposit money as it is on 888Sport. The sportsbook deposit methods are so simple, all that is needed is for you to visit the cashier option and select the method you prefer for deposit and in no time, your funds will be ready for use. Withdrawal times are also fast depending on what method, some can take up to 24 hours before you see the winnings in your account.


Bet365 Deposit Methods and Withdrawals

Bet365 has a reputation to uphold and they do very well at that, their depositing options are vast and take up to no time at all. Their withdrawal times are also quick, it does take one whole working day before you receive your money, but in some instances, this can take as little as a few hours.


888Sport vs Bet365: Customer Support Comparison

In the digital world, we are in today, customer service and support are essential due to so many channels being created for consumers to have a dialogue with companies, in the betting industry it is the same and can even be seen as an important factor to have as a sportsbook.

888Sport & The Customer Support

Just like any of the big fish in the betting industry 888Sport offers a variety of channels with which to reach them by. They also have a quick response time and they are polite in the way they approach players. Simple and quick with very helpful employees on the other end.


Bet365 & The Customer Support

Bet365 is one of the kings of the betting industry and as a result that their customer support is top-notch, they have multiple channels that are available to reach them and they are prompt with a response. They do however tend to not be as helpful in certain situations that they don’t stand to benefit, even at the expense of a player.

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888Sport vs Bet365: final Comparison

The sportsbook that I prefer is: 888Sport
The reasons are clear and stated above, 888sport is a sportsbook that value their players and in turn offers value to them, the stylish and aesthetically pleasing site is easy to navigate and they cover all their tracks in the necessary departments that make a bettor’s experience all the more pleasing. You should check out 888Sport’s website here

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